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MaterniT21® PLUS Test

Producer: Sequenom
Launch date: Oct 2011
Description: First NIPT introduced to screen for T21. Also known as PrenaTest in Europe
Gestation week: 10+


  • 22q11 (Di George syndrome)*
  • 15q11 (Angelman syndrome)*
  • 15q11 (Prader Willi syndrome)*
  • 1p36 deletion syndrome*
  • 5p (Cri-du-chat syndrome)*
  • 4p16.3 (Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome)*
  • 11q23 (Jacobsen syndrome)*
  • 8q24.1 (Langer-Giedion syndrome)*

Sex chromosomes aneuploidies

  • Monosomy X (X0) (Turner syndrome)*
  • XXY (Klinefelter syndrome)*
  • XXX (Triple X)*
  • XYY (Jacob syndrome)*


  • Gender*

* - optional conditions

Reporting time: 5 calendar days + additional sample delivery time
Price: from £775
Singletons: natural:   Yes
Singletons: IVF (self egg):   Yes
Singletons: IVF (donor egg):   Yes
Twins:   Yes
Fetal fraction:   Yes(measured but not reported)
Tests performed: > 500 000
Limitations: can not be used for: - earlier pregnancy (gestation) week than indicated; - multiple pregnancies (more than two baby); - previously unrecognised vanishing twin; - previously undiagnosed (and normaly benign) maternal chromosomal disorders; - chromosomal mosaicism (maternal or placental); - tumour disorders of the mother; - if following treatments received in the last 3 months: blood transfusion, bone marrow transplantation, radiation therapy; - cancer diagnosis
Sample requirements: 2 tubes (provided in kit) with 10 ml each of the maternal blood
Location: San Diego, CA (USA,), CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory
Technology: Whole genome NGS
Type: Centralised test as a service
Methodology: Total cfDNA from maternal blood is sequenced by massively parallel or next generation sequencing (MPS/NGS) whole approach. Bioinformatic algorithms are then used to count the fetal and maternal cfDNA fragments specific to the chromosomes, calculate the ratio and hence provide a risk of an affected pregnancy.


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