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A smart way to take charge of your baby’s health

Novel prenatal screening methods based on advanced DNA sequencing technologies provide you significantly more accurate and extensive information about trisomies, sex chromosomes, and microdeletions.

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A smart way to take charge of your baby’s health

Informed decision

Results you can act on

In most cases prenatal screening test results provide you peace of mind much needed during the pregnancy period. In other cases, test results empower you to make an informed decision about the future of your pregnancy.

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My Advisor

A personalised tool to assess your risk profile

Determine your prenatal risk level, choose a suitable prenatal test and search a database of all clinics in the U.K. providing non-invasive prenatal tests and compare their offered test prices.

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Reviews of all prenatal screening tests

Our prenatal clinical team reviews all non-invasive prenatal tests from major producers. You can find unbiased information about each test and compare your options.

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Other resources

Services and information resources for your decisions

Second opinion

Obtain a FREE second opinion on your prenatal test results from our prenatal health experts.

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Knowledge Hub

Browse our extensive education content to find information about prenatal health, such as chromosomal aneuploidies, Down syndrome, microdeletions, and many more.

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FREE live support

Our dedicated team of prenatal genetic counsellors will respond to your questions in under 3 hours. Ask us before deciding which test and clinic to choose.

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What our mothers say

Happy customer - Jane

“Before speaking to a midwife, I heard from my friend about NIPT and what capabilities these tests have. However, I could not find reliable information to compare prenatal tests until I discovered Advisor.Clinic. Resources on this website provided me with a better understanding of prenatal testing and guided me to make an informed decision. Additionally, I was able to conveniently locate the closest maternity clinic, which could administer NIPT for me and my baby.”

Jane, 36, Central London
Happy customer - Ria

“I read online about increased risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities when having a baby after 30 years old. I knew that NIPT provides much more accurate results than existing clinical methods, therefore I decided to go for NIPT at no risk to my health. Through Advisor.Clinic I booked an appointment with a clinic and expediently did the test. Thank you!”

Ria, 33, Surrey